About Us


Our family’s welcoming activity began in 1955, when Nonna Enza, with foresight, dedicated part of her home to receiving tourists.

The pension housed families and travelers increasingly attracted by beauty, from the history of Amalfi and the whole Coast and the irresistible romantic charm that enveloped it.

Over the years, the idea that began with simplicity has become increasingly important and carried out with tenacity and ingenuity by family members.

The third generation, thanks to training courses and international experiences, continues this ancient family tradition with passion and professionalism, offering excellent service, while always maintaining the spirit and atmosphere of a private home.

After about 70 years, thanks to the qualities handed down by the family it was possible to grow and improve by becoming: “Amalfi Exclusive- Rooms & Service”.

To date, the company’s role is to provide all our customers not only with a wide choice of accommodation but also a wide range of services in the tourism sector and beyond.

Ready to satisfy all your needs, ensuring fabulous and unforgettable stays at our facilities in Amalfi, we guarantee all our assistance regarding all your requests.


Professionalism and kindness are the keywords that distinguish our staff, ready to accommodate your requests and to competently manage any need or requirement.

As connoisseurs of the place, we will be happy to provide you with all useful information to make you feel at home in one of the most evocative destinations in the world and to give you suggestions that will make your stay authentic, from restaurants where you can discover and taste the most authentic flavors, where to enjoy the sea and the best beaches and much more.

Falling in love with our land with us will be possible because customer care is our flagship.



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